Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I don’t get homophobia.

    I never really get homophobia.  Like, I don't get what would instill in people this desire to rally against homosexuality.  I know a lot of it can be attributed to religious fundamentalism and the notion that it's immoral.  Still, there are plenty of things that are generally considered immoral and the bible forbids (e.g. lying) but you don't see widespread political movements against them.  Some of it may be the result of some kind disgust at the thought of two men (or women) having sex, but most people aren't that in a moral outrage knowing that our parents have had sex (how else would we be here), or that people who they find ugly have sex; we just choose not to think about it.  I don't really know why people feel the way they do; like I said, I don't get homophobia.
    One thing I do notice about homophobia, though, is that the majority of it seems to come from straight men, and be directed towards gay men.  This doesn't make any sense to me.  It seems that gay guys make your life better in pretty much every way, if you're a straight guy.  If you're a straight guy reading this now, you're probably thinking I'm full of crap.  Hear me out:

   Dude, imagine for a second that you're going on a camping trip with two other guys and two girls.  Those odds kind of suck for you.  If everyone is single, and looking to hook up on this trip, then one of the guys is going to get left out, and it could be you.  Lord knows the other guys are going to try their hardest to make sure it's not them.  And even when you do are hitting it off with on of the girls, you have to worry about the other two guys trying to swoop in and kill your game.  Bottom line, it's going to suck.  Now, imagine the same situation, but both the other guys are gay. Suddenly, you don't have any competition.  If both the other guys sneak off to do your own thing, that leaves you alone with the two girls.  Suddenly, this situation is looking a lot better, right?


   Basically, the thing that makes gay guys great for you is that they're not straight guys. You can still hang

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out with gay guys and be their friends; despite what you see on TV, there are gay guys who like watching football, or playing Halo, or whatever typically manly activity you might be into.  The main difference, though, is you don't ever have to worry about your girlfriend cheating on you with them, or leaving you for one of them, or about them horning in on your action when you're flirting with some girls at the mall.  See what I mean?  Better.

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  1. Homophobia is at the root of all things, a phobia. And phobias are by definition irrational. I think that explains it all.