Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dworkin’s Razor

I was reading a thread on the I Blame the Patriarchy forum about men who start dating those life-sized dolls, and I noticed everyone had their own comment about why the men did this. None of them had anything to do with crippling social anxiety or anything like that They were all something along the lines of "having a woman who couldn't say 'no,'" or a way to have sex with a female body without having to deal with a female mind, or just being able to rape without ever getting in legal trouble.
They all seemed to be be explanations that were sex-based and usually involved some heavy hatred of women on the part of the men owning the dolls. It really puzzled me how these forum-goers could come to a conclusion without doing any research, be so wrong, and be so sure of themselves.
Then it dawned on me that they just have another way of thinking; it explains so much of what people said on that forum. I call it Dworkin's Razor, and it consists of the idea that: whenever there are multiple explanations for something, the explanation which implies the most hatred and discrimination against women is always the correct one.

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  1. I think that's a hilarious fabulous idea you had Luke, but on the other hand I hope people don't think people like me actually use Dworkin's Razor :( It's a sort of prejudice against feminists, isn't it? Like "femi-nazi" and all that rot. I'm more of a humanist-feminist, :) happy and optimistic-like